Kashmiri Mirch.

topic posted Fri, September 8, 2006 - 9:44 AM by  oliver
I just had to open a post with the correct spelling of mirch - sorry mirich but bye bye.
Come on all you real kashmiri chilli curry enthusiasts and make me right in all i say about the kashmiri chilli and the mirch (powder).`
Its a must for all curry lovers to try this chilli and to share their mouth watering kashmiri curry experiences with me on tribe.
I bow before the gracious fellow kashmiri chilli users.
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    Fri, September 8, 2006 - 2:21 PM
    Well, technically... I mean, it's transliterated... it's spelled in Roman characters to elicit sounds that approximate another language. मिरची - mirch. BUT - Being a smartass, I'll say that even THAT is wrong. We're talking about Kashmir, so it would be in the Kashmiri language Koshur, not Hindi. And the word doesn't sound like mirch, it sounds kind of like "ray gun" - वाँगुन् - which could prove difficult for Westerners, I mean OK Kashmir. The hot spot. So if they speak Koshur and Punjabi, but even Punjabi is written down in two different languages... Gurmukhi for the Indians, and Shahmukhi for the Pakistanis.

    You sure you want to be a typo cop in a language you don't speak nor read? :-)

    On the subject of chillies for curry, I prefer Sanam chillies myself. Kashmiri (which, arguably, probably isn't real Kashmiri chilly because it's not exported) it milder than some paprikas. What you probably think of as "Kashmiri chilly" is really Byadgi chilly, named after a town in Karnataka. 98 times in 100, that's what you're getting.

    (If you didn't guess, I'm a uf+di veteran.)
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      Sun, September 10, 2006 - 1:31 AM
      Nice to see you on kashmiri mirch. Oh and they are exported to where ever i bought them - i promise. Also any one who wants to really read about the kashmiri chilli can find many many many more links spelt 'mirch' on the internet. I am just an ordinary westerner man who knows nothing if you didn't guess. (but my curry was spectacular)

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